The Absolute Worst Way to Journal

The Absolute Worst Way to Journal

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Today we’re talking about the absolute worst way to journal.

Stick around because you don’t want to be doing this!

What’s up my journal nerds? Clark, back here from Today I want to talk about something that, if you’re a journaler, has the potential to revolutionize the way you journal. I seriously mean that.


I’ll just get to it.

The title is “The Absolute WORST Way to Journal!”

What is the absolute worst way to journal?

What do most people do when they journal? They take a sheet of paper, they take a piece of paper, and they just go in there and start writing. A lot of times, not all the time, but a lot of the times they write about what’s on their mind.

You’ve heard the expressions, “I just needed to get it off my chest. I wanted to free write. I needed to not censor myself.” That’s all very, very true. But the worst thing you can do when you’re in that state of someone wronged you and you have to get it off your chest? The worst thing you can do is to not solve that, to not give yourself a win at the end of that.

Let me dive into that.


I’ll show you one question that can turn it all around. Little bit of backup here, what we’re talking about falls under the category of a brain dump. If you’ve seen the ultimate guide to keeping your journal videos, we go into how to setup that section because your life’s not roses all the time. Real things do happen. Real events do happen. That expression, “Get it off my chest,” does have significant meaning. There was a pen breaker study, Professor Pen Breaker at Stanford, took the following groups, split them into three sections, and studied the outcomes of their mental state and psychology in a psych class over the course of six months.

The first group he gave, he assigned them to write about their problems. These were the burdens group. The second group, he just said write about something that doesn’t really matter during the day. The third group, he said write about an event that you’ve never written about before that holds the most significance to you. The outcome was astounding. The people who expressed themselves in that third group, where they wrote about something that they had never written about before in their journal, on their sheet of paper, showed a significant increase in mental clarity and happiness six months down the road.

In other words, he concluded that it wasn’t about trying to express yourself. It was about sense making. That they made sense of things when they wrote it on paper.


Sometimes there are benefits of getting it off your chest, to writing it in your journal. But the worst thing you can do is to stay in that spot and never make sense of it. So how do you make sense of it? How do you get yourself so worked up, let’s say you had a bad day at work, your boss was nagging at you, you might not like your relationship with people, you write all that down? Then you close the book and then walk away. How are you going to feel after that?

That’s the exact equivalent of going to a personal trainer if your overweight and being like, “Okay. I just really got to fix this weight problem. What can you do for me?” and he looks at you and says, “You know: you are overweight.” Then you walk away. That’s literally the exact equivalent. You’d be like, “Give me my money back.” Or if you went to a tax accountant and said, “I’m so in debt! I need help with my finances. Can you help me?” and he’s just like, “Yes, you are in debt.” And just walks away, case closed. You would fire them. You wouldn’t go back to them, because why? There was no problem solved. There was no fixing. They aren’t worth it. They’re just telling you what you already know. The point of a journal, and the point of this, is to make sense of it. If you’re going to vent, you need to ask yourself the following questions. After you’ve vented, take that bottom layer and write this one question,

“What advice would I give someone in my exact same situation?”

You answer it.

I promise you if you do that it’s going to be one of the best brain dumps, pieces of advice you get. The word there is super clear. What advice would I give someone else in my exact same situation? Because your kind of playing a little trick on your mind where you’re not giving yourself advice. You’re giving someone else advice. Don’t even focus on the doing right now. Just focus on the advice giving. Give someone else advice in your exact same situation. Even if you apply ten percent of that you’re still going to get on the path towards finding a solution, fixing the problem, then you would. You’re better off than just venting, getting all worked up, walking away, and dropping the mic. That’s a really important, powerful question I’d recommend at the end of nearly all journaling sessions.


The last thing I’d say on this point and then I got to get going is that it’s so easy, what I’ve realized, is that it’s so easy to be happy when everything is going well in your life. Maybe you’ve got a new job, maybe you’re on vacation, maybe you’re getting married. That’s all easy. That’s all super easy, to be really happy when things are going well. But the true test of character, the true test of who you are, is how you show up when things aren’t going so hot. Chances are when you’re doing a brain dump, you’re frustrated, things aren’t going too hot. To not dwell there, to focus on solutions and getting yourself out of that place takes so much courage and so much self-awareness and motivation, that you’re that kind of person that can do that. Asking yourself that last question really does show who you want to be in that situation when things aren’t going too well. Remember the saying,

“Don’t see it as it is. See it better than it is.”

That’s the whole wellspring of happiness and motivation. Think of that!

That’s it. I will say,

We go over tons of these workshops, tons of these tips. It’s the course coming soon, or it might be out depending on when you’re watching this, on how to start and master a journal. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced journaler or if you’ve never journaled before. This is going to take you from setup to workshop to what you can do to really take this to the next level because I truly do believe journaling is the number one thing you can do to grow and develop as a human being.

It’s worked for me and thousands of people who have seen that video. I get pictures, messages every single day about this message. I just wanted to share that tip with you.

That’s all I got guys until next time! I love you. See it better than it is! Give me a thumbs up and comment down below if you agree or disagree with any of these points. I want to start the discussion with you down below in the comments.

I love you.

Stop settling and start living.

See you later!



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