• Clay IS Legit. (History of use dates back thousands of years)
  • Detoxification  (Clay works through ADsorption)
  • Gastrointestinal Tract (We are one BIG tube)
  • Almost EVERYTHING in you body with a positive charge is Toxic (Clay has a negative charge that helps eliminate these positively charged substances)
  • Clay gets your pipes moving!

CLARK RANT – You are NOT what you eat

You’ve heard the saying. The one that goes “You are what you eat”. Not only is this saying overused and played out, but it is completely misleading. Heck i’d go so far as to say the saying is just down right wrong.

Your are NOT what you eat. You ARE what you eat and absorb!

Here’s the catch. What you eat is not always what you absorb. Have you ever met someone that couldn’t gain weight to save their life?! These same people can’t gain a pound despite their constant efforts of stuffing their face all day and slamming down protein weight gainers and all!

Why is that? First off, we can rule out the whole “calories in calories out” mentality. Second off, we can see how you are NOT what you eat. (Have I said that enough)

Here’s why:

GI TRACTYour GI Tract And YOU:
Our bodies are essentially one giant tube. This tube runs through us all the way  from our mouth to our anus. Food goes in, stuff happens along the way (breaking down, enzymatic activity, absorption of nutrients, ect) then the waste eventually exists us (you know how the rest of the story goes).

This tube is better known as your “Gastrointestinal Tract” (GI Tract). Your GI Tract is composed of your small intestine, large intestine, stomach, esophagus, mouth, anus, as well as several other specific parts. Each of these pieces helps break down food particles into smaller and smaller pieces until the nutrients are small enough to be absorbed.

You’re Toxic.. And Here’s What You Can Do About It!
Did you know that almost everything that is TOXIC to the human body carries a very positive (+) charge? POSITIVE NEGATIVECrazy right? We’re talking parasites, Heavy metals, funguses, free radicals, ect all have positive charges.

Now as i’m sure you’re very aware from basic grade school chemistry class that when a positive meets a negative they bind together. Why is this all important? Because particles of clay carry a very negative (-) charge. Not only that but clay can not be absorbed. “Why” you might ask? Because clay actually doesn’t work through absorption, it works through a process better known as “Adsorption”.

Adsorption, Clay’s Secret:
To illustrate the difference between adsorption and absorption think of a glass of spilt milk (don’t cry). Absorption would be what happens if I took a sponge to that spilt milk. The milk would transfer from the surface into my sponge. Adsorption would be the equivalent of taking a squeegee to that same mess of milk and scraping it off onto the floor.

Clay works through adsorption. This is significant because you can not absorb clay, it acts as a magnet attracting all the positively charged particles in your body. What happens is all these substances come out of your body once the clay does. Talk about some serious detox!

Clay: Nature’s Godsend


How to use Clay: Tips & TricksRTC-90255-0

Some tips and tricks on using clay:

1. Use a 1 : 8 Ratio (Clay to Water).

2. Let your clay soak overnight. (Helps dissolve fully)

3. Drink clay on an empty stomach. Do this upon waking or before bed.

4. Quality Matters. I use a Calcium Bentonite clay. Look for one that says “internal / external use”.




Hope that helps! Best of luck to you on your journey to optimal health.

Leave a comment below and let me know how clay works for you! What did you think?

Control your life, don’t let life control you.



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