3 Styles to Learn Anything (which one are you?)

3 Styles to Learn Anything (which one are you?)

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Show summary:

When we get information generally falls into one of three responses:



Ideas are most powerful when we’ve never heard them before. This is our golden window of opportunity to take action without overthinking. EX: “HOW TO JOURNAL VIDEO” got lots of positive feedback – because people have never seen a journal like that before. Motivated others to take action. Then what happens? Over time we know more and more about the topic. Eventually start to adapt and move into response #2:


Ideas start to hold less power if we’ve heard them before. They become less revolutionary to us and we are more likely to write them off. We adapt to the information regardless of if we’re applying it. This isn’t good, because a life where we stop settling and start living has nothing to do with ideas everything with execution. Taking action is more important than the ideas themselves. Just because you have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s diet doesn’t mean you’ll look like Arnold. Rewards in life go to those who execute.

3. “SCREW YOU!” 

This is the approach we may fall into when we hear an idea so many times it become obvious. As soon as we hear the idea, we write it off completely without honestly assessing if we’re taking action on it. I have seen this response first hand with my three years hosting the “PaleoHacks Podcast”. People who write me emails are constantly looking for the latest and greatest “hack” (i.e. intermittent fasting, cold thermogenesis, pre-biotic fiber, etc) have written off the fundamentals of health as “obvious” or “too basic”. However, it is often these same people who are trying to replace fundamentals with the cutting edge hacks. We must get honest with ourselves when we hear information if we are actually applying it.