3 Steps to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs & Self Doubt

3 Steps to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs & Self Doubt

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Show summary:

When we’re able to shift our identity – that’s where the real change happens.

A limiting belief is anything that you believe to to be true that is holding you back. Limiting beliefs hijack over our identity. More often than not, we are unaware of the limiting beliefs we identify with. Here are some thoughts (and three steps) to overcome them.


(TIME 7:00) For example: the first step towards losing weight is to stop identifying as a fat person. Shift your identity from being a fat person to being a healthy person. We have a need to be consistent with our identity. If we have labeled ourselves a “fat person” we will act unhealthy to remain consistent with our identity. In order to make lasting change, we must shift our identity. Start identifying yourself as a healthy person, start identifying yourself as a rich person, start identifying yourself as someone who is good in relationships, etc.


(TIME 10:00) In his must watch Ted Talk “Why We Make Bad Decisions” psychologist Dan Gilbert speaks about why humans are extremely near sighted when it comes to thinking about the future. It is hard for us to think about how the future will effect us, so we don’t often do it. However, projecting outward is one of the best tools we can use to inspire ourselves to take action. Ask yourself “How will my life look 20 years from now if I keep believing (BLANK)?


(TIME 11:35) There are two ways to: put ideas in, or pull ideas out. Asking the right questions is one of the quickest ways to pull limiting beliefs out. Here are 11 that will help you on that process.