• Set a Deadline 
  • Helpful Ways to Make Things Happen  (See post)
  • All Important Events HAVE a Deadline 
  • Use a Stopwatch / Money as a motivator.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker

The SINGLE most empowering thing you can do?

Big statement? Well this is a BIG deal! And it’s not some wu-wei out there kind of practice. Nope. It’s something that has had a profound impact on my own life. It’s also something I’m doing RIGHT now as I type this post. (here’s what I’m using:

Set a Deadline. I use the online stopwatch so set a timer each time I write. I(‘ve set a goal of having a 30 minute deadline for this post and I WILL finish it.)

Why Use a Deadline?

Time management is dead. We’ve been covering this throughout our three part mini series (find the other two HERE)

The third part is setting a deadline. Something magical happens when you do. You’ll find that you are not only more productive, but everything you do seems to click better. I find myself working faster, smarter and harder not wanting the clock to beat me!

Setting a deadline is about controlling your time and not letting time control you. It’s about not being a piece of driftwood just floating around in the open ocean with no direction. It’s about having a direction.

Think about this: Everything that matters has a deadline. Weddings, term papers, jobs, applications, Holidays, the list goes on. We know the power deadlines make in other areas, so why not set them for our other endeavours?


Here’s the full video

FOUR Tips For Making This Happen
  1. Make You Deadline Realistic. (Find the happy medium between what CAN be done)
  2. Make Your Deadline Challenging.   (Push yourself. The shorter the deadline, the better the outcome)
  3. Make It Count  ( Sometimes getting some blood in the game is all it takes. Tell a friend or the pperson sitting next to you in the cafe that if your don’t complete “Project X” in “X amount of time” you’ll give them $20.)
  4. START. (You Don’t have to be great to get started, but you HAVE to get started to become great. Don’t second guess yourself, what you’re writing, what you’re creating, ect. Remember, you can alweays edit and touch up rough edges)

(And yes, I did complete this post within the 30 minute deadline.)

Control your life. Don’t let life control YOU.

Pura Vida

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 7:30 PM


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